RSS and what the Internet was meant too be

I recently got into RSS for the first time, and what can I say other than it’s awesome. I always knew about RSS but never really understood what was the “point” of RSS. I recently watched’s take on RSS and got really interested in what RSS was really about.


In this age of “disinformation” with articles/information getting “banned” from big social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I decided to look into why RSS is important. Way back when the internet was just getting started, everyone had their own “blog” to share information on the internet. Now the majority of the internet is controlled by “Big Tech” and if you don’t play by their rules then they just ban you from their platforms. Regardless on what you think of “Big Tech” we really should focus on de-centralize our data just like we are trying to do with cryptocurrencies.


My go to RSS reader is called “feeder”. This open-sourced android app allows you to read RSS, ATOM, and JSON feeds. You can find more about this project here:

I highly recommend people to try RSS out for at least 2 weeks. For someone that deleted almost all social media accounts, this allows me to get my information straight from the source.