Remote console access and Remote reboot any modem

Remote console access and Remote reboot any modem

I have been in the IT Security field for about 5 years now, and starting with desktop support and administration we always needed a way to have console access to our Cisco equipment just in case the internet went down or there was a configuration issue with our equipment. With this solution it does just that, grants physical access to remote users. Required equipment to set up console access and remote reboot.


Raspberry Pi –

IoT Relay –

USB to 2-pin power cable – had to make this cable

USB to Console cable –

CradlePoint with 2 nic cards –

Ethernet cable –


To setup console access you must have a CradlePoint activated with a valid SIM card. Plug your Raspberry Pi into port 2 on the CradlePoint (port 1 is set to NAT by default) this will give you a public IP address. You should be able to SSH into your Raspberry Pi at this time, log into the pi and install picocom:


pi@raspberry:~ $ sudo apt-get install picocom


Now plug your serial cable into the raspberry pi. Change directories to the /dev and run the following command.


pi@raspberry:/dev $ sudo picocom ttyUSB0


Now you should have console access to your Cisco equipment.

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